Burn Free Kits

Burn Free Kits

BURNFREE products are popular and being used across the globe, when it comes to quick pain release from burn wounds. It helps to reduce the deepness of the wound or injury.

These products are made by using state-of-the-art hydro gel formula, which helps it to use in various temperatures, where its thickness enables it to stay on the on the wound to perform effective cooling process.

These gel products can be purchase from the market in various packets and bottles which are can be applied on every small burn wounds and injuries. This gel is also used in fire blankets and fire dressings.

BURNFREE gel is very much effective when a thick layer of gel is applied on the wound, so that the wound can be fully healed. An open-cell foam dressing keeps thick shell on the wound, which makes it more effective and useful on serious injuries.

Sterile Burn Dressings are very useful on each burn wound or injury. Those dressings carry some unequaled characteristics, such as:

Burn Care kit usually offers roller gauze and pain relieving gel, which can be used on each burn wound and injury.

Fire/ trauma blankets are fabricated by using only high quality virgin wool and woven, and because of their excellent features they are widely used to get protection from smoke and fire.


Brand :Burn Free
Origin :USA
Application :For Burns & Cuts

Why BurnFree?

BURNFREE Products offer immediate pain relief by cooling the burn wound. BURNFREE's cooling action helps minimize the depth of injury by stopping the burn progression.
BURNFREE's technologically-advanced hydrogel formula remains stable at a wide range of temperatures. The BURNFREE gel is also thick enough to help it stay on the wound site, making it easy to use and allowing the cooling action to be more effective

BurnFree Kits :Emergency Kits, Multi Purpose & Industrial Kits
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