Federal Specifications turnbuckles


Brand : Green Pin
Mfg : Van Beest
Origin : Netherlands
Rope Dia Range : 1/8" – 3"
Application : Turnbuckles are normally used for rigging or tensioning of wires, ropes, rods etc. Turnbuckles are designed for straight or in-line rigging, tensioning or lashing only.
Range : Van Beest offers a wide range of turnbuckles, i.e.: Load rated Green Pin® turnbuckles; Open body rigging screws generally to DIN1480; Rigging screws with welding ends; Closed body rigging screws;Special turnbuckles for lashing (hamburgers).
Design : Green Pin® turnbuckles are manufactured to ASTM F1145-92, formerly U.S. Fed. Spec.FF-T-791, and have a safety factor of 5 to 1. The Green Pin® turnbuckles are drop forged.
Turnbuckles can be equipped with the following end fittings: eye/eye, hook/hook, hook/eye, jaw/jaw and jaw/ eye. All parts are interchangeable, locking nuts are supplied with all sizes.
The forged jaw ends are fitted with bolts and nuts on sizes 3/8" up to and including 5/8", sizes ¾" up to and including 2 ¾" are equipped with pins and cotters.
Rigging screws generally to DIN 1480 are available with welding ends and in hook/eye, eye/eye, hook/hook and jaw/jaw combinations.
Closed body rigging screws are available in jaw/jaw, jaw/eye and eye/eye combinations.
Finish : Load rated Green Pin® turnbuckles and closed body rigging screws are hot dipped galvanized. Rigging screws according to DIN 1480 are electro-galvanized whereas lashing turnbuckles are self coloured or can be painted upon request.