Federal Specifications Shackles


Brand : Green Pin
Mfg : Van Beest
Origin : Netherlands
Rope Dia Range : 1/8" – 3"
Application : Wire rope clips are used on wire rope eye-loop connections or complete loops, end-to-end connections where socketing or splicing is not feasible or when a temporary joint is required.
Range : Van Beest offers a wide range of wire rope clips, specifically standardized models such as EN13411-5, US Federal Specification wire rope clips and DIN wire rope clips.
Design : The Green Pin® wire rope clips are drop forged and have a bridge with grooves to fasten the wire rope properly in the clip; the DIN wire rope clips have a malleable base, without grooves.
Finish : The finish is either electro-galvanized or hot dipped galvanized, unless otherwise specified.
Certification : Upon request, all wire rope clips can be supplied with a works certificate.