Fire Hose


Description :Hose Construction Jacket
100% Polyester high tenacity yarn, warpthreads 2-ply twisted, twill weave or plain weave.
Inner Lining :Two-components consisting of black synthetic SBR rubber and white NBR synthetic adhesive. Resistant to ozone and external oil contacts.
Exterior :Uncoated , white or red.
Couplings :BS336 Instantaneous ( Gun Metal & Brass) , Storz & Camlock Coupling.
Standards :BS6391 type 1 (40 bar) and many other international standards LIOYDS Register Marine Approved.
Sizes : 19 thru 152 mm
Working Pressure :10 & 20 Bar
Origin : India , German & Chinese
Application :Municipal fire brigades , Industrial fire brigades , Irrigation , shipboard , marine , refineries and construction sites.
Related Products :Storz Coupling , Camlock Coupling and Nozzles.