Flow Meters

Flow Meters

Fill rite flow meters are manufactured in USA. Those are available in mechanical and digital type. These meters are ideal equipment for fuel dispensing needs of farmers, transportation companies or temporary fuel depots.

Our Fill rite meters are UL/FM certified. Those are available with ¾”, 1” & 11/2” Inlet & Outlet.

Those are available in US Gallons or Liters.

The mechanical flow meter is equipped with flow ports and readable display, which can be placed vertically and horizontally. These meters are renowned for their unmatched features, such as, UL/CUL listed, handle fluid of various viscosities. Mechanical flow meters are known for heptane’s and Stoddard solution or you can say mineral spirits. These beautifully designed and cost effective meters are designed to render durability and precise measurements. They are available in 3 & 4 wheel meter designed for transfer pumps.


Product Name : Mechanical Flow Meter
Brand : Fill Rite
Mfg :Tuthill
Origin :USA
Application :Transportation & Agricultural
Inlet / Outlet : ¾" , 1" & 11/2"
Approved :UL/FM
Other Brand :GPI . TCS & LC (2" – 4" Flow Meters)
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