Lay Flat Hose

Lay Flat Hose

Water lord lay flat hoses are manufactured in Korea. It has unequaled market value, because buyers appreciate its cost effectiveness and high quality features. It is manufactured in constant production process by using soft PVC and synthetic fibers.

These unique hoses are designed with inner black and outer blue coating for standard and medium duty hoses (Light Lay Flat Discharge Hose) & inner black and outer brick red for heavy duty hoses (Extra Strong Lay Flat discharge Hose). This unique double coating feature of hoses makes it an ideal product for any rugged construction sites, dewatering application, irrigation as well as dredging and sewage application.

Water lord Light Lay Flat Hose is widely known as light duty general. These low working pressure hose is commonly used and suitable for momentary water supply of drainage. They are widely used at dam construction sites or other pit mining areas for their abrasion resistant quality.


Product Name : Pvc Lay Flat Hose
Brand :Waterlord
Origin :Korea
Application :Dewatering , Mining & Construction.
Sizes : 2" , 3" , 4" , 6" , 8" , 10" , 12" & 14"
Color : Blue or Red.
Working Pressure : 2 – 10 Bar
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