Manila Rope

Manila Rope

Manila Ropes are usually made from Manila hemp, where as Manila hemp is a fiber which is acquired from Abaca leaves. Hemp is known as the most important source of fiber. They are used extensively in the manufacturing of fishing nets, rope, hawsers and many more, because they are durable and resistant to salt water damage.

In addition to this, these ropes are very useful in fabricating process of bags, carpets as well as furniture and clothing products. Since many years, these ropes are being used as whale line in fishing business.

These kinds of ropes get shrink when they become wet, which is sometime considered to be an advantage, but there is also a disadvantage of these ropes. It becomes very difficult to unite knots of these ropes when they are wet.

We carry wide range of Manila Ropes starting from 6mm (1/4”), 38mm (11/2”) in 100, 150 & 200 meters as per British standards.


Discriptions :(3-Strand Manila Rope)
Origin : Philippines
Diameter : 6mm thru 36mm
Length : 150 or 200 meters
Standards : - Federal Specification T-R-605b Type M Amendment 3;
- Cordage Institute Specification CI 1308;
- ISO 1181:2004 for Manila ropes
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