Mixed Ropes

Mixed Ropes

Mixed rope is a combination of Polypropylene & Polyester ropes. These ropes are also known as polydacron ropes, which are extensively used in the marine and offshore industry.

These high quality ropes have a higher breaking strength, wear resistance, lower weight, low working elongation, superior flexibility and non torque construction in comparison to other fiber ropes.

These are widely used with mooring pendants, tugs assist lines and mooring and tie up lines. Apart from all features, they are also UV stabilized and class certified. All our Mixed Ropes are available in 200 & 220 meter lengths, which we have offered to various marine and offshore industries.


Description : Polyester & Higher Tenacity Polypropylene Fiber Mixed 8 Strand Rope
Brand : Anchor
Origin : Korea
Mfg : Dong Yang
Certification : GL or LRS.
Application : Mooring Lines , Tug assist lines & Mooring Pendants
Characteristics : Higher strength, wear resistance, lower weight, low working elongation and superior flexibility.
Diameter : 48mm thru 96mm
Length : 200 or 220 mtrs
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