Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Having no moving or mechanical parts in the flow profile electromagnetic flow meters cause no pressure drop, are virtually maintenance free and provide highly accurate and stable measurement of liquids with even solid particles inside.



Measuring principle is based on Faraday’s law of Induction. Conductive liquid flowing through magnetic field induces voltage proportional to its flow speed. This voltage is picked up by electrodes and measured in converter. Fortunately, most liquids are conductive to some extent but oil products, distilled water, pure alcohol, etc. cannot be measured with this technology.


M9xx flow meter series is made of quality materials designed to withstand harsh environments of mining sites, seafronts, sewer installations and other industrial applications.

Resilient electronic components provide protection against wear, temperature and electric abuse whereas thought-out software got you covered in case of power failure or partial data loss caused by severe electrostatic discharge.











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