PVC Clear Hose

Brand:                   WATERLORD Lay Flat Hose
Description:        PVC Wire hose, Anti static steel wire reinforced hose is made of high elasticity, high strength, zinc plated, metal wire and high quality PVC compound.  Hoses clear and transparent with good flexibilty, with small bending radius, high negative pressure resistant, high corrosive resistant, high non toxic and long life. The hose comes along with copper wire, which enable smooth internal flow due to static electricity.



  • Suitable for suction and discharge,
  • Suitable for Sand
  • Good adaptability to hard weather conditions
  • Works well with minus pressure range
  • Anti-abrasion,
  • Anti UV


    PVC Clear Hose is used for drawing and conveying water oil and powder in factories and agriculture, mines, chemical and food plant.



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