Quick Release Galvanished Coupling

Brand:                   MB

Description:        Galvanised Quick release Couplings

Type:                  Millar and Bauer

Size:                       2″ to 12″

Joints:                   Millar Male and Female Couplings:

  • Y T 90 Deg Bend and 45 Deg Bend,
  • End Caps
  • Millar Male and Female Threaded Couplings
  • Millar Flanged Couplings
  • Millar Strainer

Applications :  Slurry Tanks and Pumping, used for water transportation piping systems and for mobile pumps up to 12″. They allow pipes and hoses to be connected in a few seconds making a complete water tight pipe system. Typical water application include well point, flood control, construction and civil engineering.

How a Quick Coupling Works? : They always consist of two parts, a male and a female parts. They are easy to recognise because the male part always goes into female part, depending on the type of coupling for example bauer or millar one part has clamps and other part has edge  behind which the clamps hook, there is always a rubber o ring between the couplings ensuring the water tight sealing.


Other Name For Quick Couplings : Lever lock couplings, lever locks, quick disconnects, quick connects, fittings, quich disconnect fittings, quick release fittings, and quick connect couplings.


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